One of the most powerful spells known to the wizard lords

I effectively graduate tomorrow. It is the Senior Portfolio Review. If i do well I can land a job from this. All I have to do is be personable and be able to talk about my designs. I also have to work the spring concert. I have to get up for 730 work till like 1230 ish then I have to get all my work and get ready for the portfolio review. Do that from 3 till 7 then go back to work. This is truly the calm before the storm.

The host keeps using a vapor pen. What you can’t wait?

Guy who played guitar too long said the greatist challenge he ever acomplished effectivly was compleated by magic

Phi lam whants effectivly to mandate greek life

Last girl was a little quiet but chill. DPhiE 7 of 10

Psi u part deux. Kind of racist. Kind of tacky. 4 of 10

TKE. Drumming on a bucket I can res pect that. Nice pecs. 9 of 10

Alpha sigma something. Dance kind of crude but god damnit that man has heart. 9 of 10

Phi sig sig has a decent voice probably not trained. Lorde. 6 of 10 for lack of memerization.